Day 1:

The Two Kingdoms – We will discover that there are just two kingdoms—the kingdom of light versus the kingdom of darkness. One is ruled by the good King, Creator God. The other is ruled by the enemy, Satan.

Day 2:

The Belt – We must decide our side. Those who become citizens of God’s good kingdom need to wear the armor of God daily, starting with the belt of truth that helps us have an unshakable trust in God’s Word, and live as truthful people.

Day 3:

The Breastplate and Shoes – The breastplate helps God’s children put on Christ’s righteousness and grow in right living. The shoes show us we can be at peace with God, which helps us stand firm in our Christian convictions and share Jesus with others.

Day 4:

The Shield and Helmet – The shield and helmet protect us from the enemy’s attacks—wrong thinking, discouragement, and deception. We learned to discern!

Day 5:

Family night – Your presence will be requested by all of the Knights (your kids) as they guide you thru all the exciting things they have done, and what they have learned.

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FBC Boyd
Author: FBC Boyd